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CASC update for March 2016

Blue Sail boat Latest CASC update, including RYA Supporters Club Model Template and Funding Awards.

The Amnesty Clock is ticking

The 12 month amnesty clock started on 1st April 2015.  

You have until 31st March 2016 to determine whether or not you are able, or indeed wish, to comply with the new conditions and therefore remain in the scheme. If not, you must notify HMRC that you wish to pull out of the scheme without incurring a tax penalty.

HMRC has published guidance on the grace period and the procedure to de-register.

If your club is considering leaving the scheme you will need to account for the loss of mandatory rate relief, however you may be eligible for Small Business Rate Relief.  We suggest you also consider the corporation tax implications and to that end we have drawn up Corporation Tax Guidance.  

RYA Supporters Club Model Template

We have produced a Supporters’ Club Pack to assist clubs in setting up a separate Supporters Club (‘SC’) in order to deal with its ‘less active’ members. 

The SC will need to be a separate club with its own governing documents and affiliated to the CASC club.  As such it does not have to comply with CASC regulations. 

Clubs will need to get their ‘less active’ members to buy into this model.

Clubs wishing to continue with their CASC status and form a SC for less active members will need to consider their insurance position. 

We are delighted to report that the RYA club insurance schemes (both Club Liability and Directors and Officers Liability) brokered by Arthur J Gallagher will accommodate the Supporters Club Model. 

Clubs should contact Arthur J Gallagher individually to ensure that the appropriate endorsement is made on their policy.  

Funding Awards and CASC

We have been approached by a number of clubs with concerns over the potential impact of CASC de-registration on their Sport England Awards. 

We are able to confirm that CASC status is not a requirement of the Inspired Facilities programme or any other Sport England programme.  

Sport England ask whether a club is a CASC to enable it to build a picture of the types of organisations applying and to enable it to verify the existence of the applicant with the appropriate body (e.g. Companies House, Charities Commission, HMRC etc.).

If you are de-registering as a CASC under the amnesty you should inform Sport England of this (by email) in order that it can maintain its records.

Some clubs may need to amend their Constitutions if de-registering as a CASC which again is acceptable for Sport England purposes provided that the amendments do not limit membership or change the dissolution clause.  

RYA CASC Guidance

We are continually updating our own Guidance to help you get to grips with the new conditions and what they mean for your club.

 This is an evolving document that we will update regularly following further discussions with HMRC, other NGBs and our own clubs thereby ensuring that we are able to capture as many examples of good practice as possible and reflect them in the Guidance. 

For further information, please contact Mandy Peters.

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