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Are you prepared for RYA Push the Boat Out 2016?

Push The Boat Out Group If you're hosting open days or taster sessions, make sure you are fully prepared on the day.


Information gathering

Make sure you collect contact details from the people visiting your club, so that you can follow up with a friendly e-mail, and invite them back to the club in the future. The Bank Holiday at the end of May is a great time to hold a social event, perhaps a bbq and is an ideal opportunity to invite people back to the club.

In any post-event follow-up emails, be sure to include details of social and on-the-water activities, as well as any special offers and contact details for the club.

Recording contact details also allows you to count how many people attended your event, and how many people you took onto the water.

Another measure of how successful PTBO has been, is the number of people that join clubs as a result, or who book on to follow-on activities or courses. So make sure you record this information too.

Gathering this data is important both for your club's development, but also for the RYA to collate and measure participation data across the UK.

Is your club looking its best?

Simple things like freshly cut grass and tidy changing rooms will make for a good first impression. This essential for attracting and retaining new members to your club.  Try to take a look at the club from the perspective of your visitors, often a 'fresh pair of eyes' will notice things that you have become familiar with; both the good and the bad.

Buddy up

Seeing a friendly face when you come back to the club for the first time makes people feel very at home.

Some clubs have had success creating a ‘buddy system’ for welcoming new members and bridging the gap between your newcomers and experienced sailors. This can help people during that critical time when they may not be ready for club racing, to feel comfortable practicing and developing their sailing.

Let us know how PTBO worked for your club

Gathering feedback, from both attendees and your volunteers, is vital to measure how effective your event has been, and develop even more successful events in the future. 

The RYA is keen to hear from all clubs participating in RYA Push the Boat Out, so that we can improve how we plan and support your events in the future. A feedback questionnaire will be sent to all participating clubs on the 23rd May, and we value your comments.

We hope you have a great PTBO event!


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