At this time next week, over 160 of PTBO events will have already taken place and with over 500 events planned at over 380 venues during, PTBO 2017 looks set to be the biggest yet. With our preparations almost done we just have to hold our breath and hope that the weather is on our side too!

Whether your club is taking part in Push the Boat Out or running an open day this summer, here are a few things to consider, to help ensure that your event is a huge success:

Your reason for being involved – take a bit of time to consider what your club or centre wants to achieve by being involved. Is it more adult members, or more families, or perhaps you want to fill your Level 1 & 2 courses over the summer? Do you have targets in mind – how many of each of these do you hope to get/need to make all the hard work worthwhile

Brief your team – make sure all your PTBO team know what you hope to achieve so they can help. Ensure they know what the deal is – cost of membership, availability of courses, any discounts you might be offering during PTBO, or who can provide that info to visitors on the day. Committing your PTBO objectives to an e-mail or team briefing can add clarity, for everyone involved, about why you are doing PTBO and what you hope to achieve. Make sure everyone knows what you expect from them, what time and where they need to be.

Measuring your success – How will you know if all your efforts have been successful? Once you are clear about your aims and objectives, you will need to ensure that you can measure whether or not you have achieved them.

Let us know how PTBO worked for your club

Gathering feedback, from both attendees and your volunteers, is vital to measure how effective your event has been, and develop even more successful events in the future. 

The RYA is keen to hear from all clubs participating in RYA Push the Boat Out, so that we can improve how we plan and support your events in the future. A feedback questionnaire will be sent to all participating clubs following the event and as always we would be very grateful for your responses.

We hope you have a great PTBO event!