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Are you ready for the Club Membership Census?

For the seventh successive year, RYA affiliated clubs will soon be taking part in the 2019 Club Membership Census. The annual census – which will open on 01 June – provides valuable insight to membership trends across the RYA affiliated club network in the UK.

First conducted in 2013, the census continues to help us understand membership levels, participation and diversity, perceptions of change and potential for development.

We need you!

Last year, 88% of UK clubs completed the census. In order to give a robust and reliable overview, it is vital that at least 85% of clubs in each Home Country and English Region submit their information every year.

Why take part?

The census information helps us to monitor progress, tailor our programmes, shape bids for further resourcing and ultimately support clubs.

Key observations from the insights are relayed back to clubs via the Regional Development Officers and through the publication of the Regional Insights. Each club will also receive an overview of their membership data and a comparison of how this has changed year on year.

Regularly reviewing who club members are and how this may, or may not have changed over the years is important in order for clubs to tailor their offer, embrace the positive trends and address the negative.

What is required?

There are certain things you can start to think about in preparation for when the census opens:

  • Total number of members at the club (this is a head count so would for example include all family members contained within one family membership)
  • Number of family memberships
  • Number of junior members
  • Male/female split
  • Whether your membership has increased, decreased or stayed the same over the last two years
  • Number of new club members and those not renewing membership
  • Number of club members that identify themselves as having a disability or being from a minority ethnic group
  • Membership capacity, limiting factors and aspirations

Each year the data has become more accurate as clubs have adjusted to reporting actual numbers, as opposed to estimates. This makes a huge difference in being able to draw more reliable conclusions from the patterns and trends, whilst also ensuring clubs really do know their members.

What next?

All RYA affiliated clubs will be emailed a link to the online census form. Please complete the census as soon as you are able to.  Thank you in advance for your time and input.

2018 Insights

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