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Portsmouth Yardstick returns update

Sailing The RYA Technical department have started receiving Portsmouth Yardstick returns from many clubs already.

Your participation in the Portsmouth Yardstick scheme is necessary for its survival, as without the proposed numbers from Sailing Clubs there would not be enough data for a published number.

If your dinghy class did not have a published number from the RYA last year, please make sure that your Club returns its data this year – the more data we have the more published numbers we can produce!

If you use the PY Online website then please continue to upload your data regularly so that we have as many races online as we possibly can by the 1st of December.

If you use the Excel spreadsheet to send us your results this year’s version is now online. The deadline for receiving these is also the 1st of December.

If you wish to calculate adjustments for the fleets in your Club manually then guidance on the calculations can be found on the Portsmouth Yardstick page on the RYA website.

Adjusting your Portsmouth Numbers locally will greatly increase the closeness of the racing at your Club. Furthermore this is how the Portsmouth Yardstick scheme was designed to work; producing fair racing at Club level throughout the UK.

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