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Have you started your club review?

Earlswood Lake With the sailing season now drawing to a close, make sure you are ready to review your club and prepare for next year.

As we settle into Autumn, it is great time to start reviewing what your club had done over the past season; what has worked well and look at some of the challenges it has overcome, in order to start planning for 2016.

  • Looking back over the season, and recording everything that the club has done is a useful starting place.
  • Gathering and analysing data and information that you have about members, people doing activities, racing etc. means that you can evaluate effectiveness more objectively.
  • Comparing actual achievements against what the club set out to do in the Club Development or Delivery Plan can help to identify areas requiring more focus, or new challenges which need addressing. Update the Plan to keep it relevant and current.
  • There may be other things that the club has achieved that were not identified in the Plan, so make sure you record these too.
  • Being 'Constructively Critical' about how well the club has done in all aspects will help identify areas that the club can focus on or refine in 2016.

Reviewing the data available

Using the Monthly Participation Reports gathered throughout the year can offer an important insight into where your club is performing well and also which areas need further focus. This data is valuable both internally and also externally in measuring participation at clubs across the country.

The results from the Club Membership Census will also be available in November, and offer clubs an insight into trends and nationwide figures for the past year, with data gathered from 85% of all clubs in England.

Ensuring all data has been effectively gathered and analysed is vital in assessing areas for improvement within your club. Alongside this, submitting Portsmouth Yardstick returns is important to ensure the RYA can continue to support both recreational and competitive sailing at your club.

Planning ahead

Once you have looked back over the achievements of 2015, it is important to start planning for next year, with events such as Push the Boat Out being held 14-22 May. Early planning, combined with attending the Club Development Workshops over the winter can help ensure that the outcomes of these events can be maximised from a participation perspective.

Gareth Brookes, Regional Development Officer for the Midlands, said:  "At this time of year, we want to meet with as many clubs as possible, so we can help them identify what went well last year, what the challenges are and what their aims are for next year.

"This time of year is excellent to really drill down and review what worked this year, what didn’t, club plans, aims and ambitions for 2016, and how we can best support you in all of this.

"It’s important for us to gain crucial information from clubs to feedback to both the County Sports Partnerships and Sport England. If clubs want help and support, they need to meet with us so that we can look together at possible solutions."

Affiliated Club Conferences & Club Development Workshops

The Affiliated Club Conferences taking place in November offer an excellent opportunity to speak to RYA staff and regional volunteers about a range of issues that may benefit your club.

There are also a range of Club Development Workshops taking place over the Winter to assist with making plans for the coming season.


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