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Make more money for your organisation in 2016 through Joining Point

Leaflets A year on from its re-launch and with just under 340 clubs, training centres and marine organisations signed up to-date, RYA Joining Point continues to go from strength-to-strength…but we need your help to do even better in 2016.

In the last two years over 100 clubs, training centres and marinas, registered as RYA Joining Points, have earned nearly £10,000 in commission payments between them - was your organisation one of those that benefited?

“The RYA Joining Point scheme has proved a great way to engage with clubs, training centres and other marine organisations to help spread the word about the benefits of RYA membership”, commented RYA Membership Development Manager, Conor Swift. “The scheme has grown significantly in recent months, but we are still finding that not all of our Joining Points are using the scheme to its full potential and earning as much commission as they could”, Conor added.

As an RYA Joining Point the benefits of the scheme include:

· Increased income for your organisation

· Simple tiered commission structure paid quarterly

· Quick, easy and simple to sign-up new members

· Helping to promote and protect safe, successful and rewarding British boating

“We are committed to encouraging and supporting our Joining Points in recruiting new members to the RYA.  By working together it benefits everyone-  Joining Points earn valuable commission to feedback into their organisation, the new members get to enjoy all the great benefits RYA membership affords them and the RYA sees its membership flourish.”, Conor continued.

Make 2016 your opportunity to earn more money for your club, training centre or marine organisation, support the RYA and help more of your members and customers get the most from their boating. Not already an RYA Joining Point? Sign up now. RYA Joining Point rewards organisations for promoting RYA membership by awarding them a commission for each new RYA member they recruit.

The scheme provides the club or centre with the possibility of earning up to £1,000 in commission depending upon the number of members signed up.

Commission is paid on a quarterly basis and the amount depends upon the type of membership signed up to.  

 · £10.00 for each new Family Membership

 · £7.50 for each new Personal Member

 · £5.00 for each new Under 25 Member

 · £2.50 for each new Youth Member (12-17)

Upon registration as an RYA Joining Point, organisations receive a Joining Point Pack containing everything they need to promote RYA membership to their members and customers, explaining the importance of supporting the RYA and all the work it does on behalf of the recreational boating public, and the numerous membership benefits, rewards and services available.  

Packs contain:

 · A3 and A4 posters

 ·  Membership Leaflets containing a pre-paid post application form, pre-printed with your Joining Point reference number

 ·  Quality leaflet holders

 · Promotional stickers

 ·  'How to' Joining Point Swatch containing everything there is to know about RYA membership and Joining Point 

Signing up as an RYA Joining Point is completely free and easy to do, simply email Paddingto get started.   Find out more about Joining Point  

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