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    Issue 2

    Sail vs Power


    Sail vs Power - Foiling Challenge Waszp Vs Wakeboard and Jetski

    Sailing legends - Abby Ehler


    "The Southern Ocean is the roughest" - Sailing Legends with Brunel Boat Captain Abby Ehler

    Diamond Diaries - Rolex Middle Sea race


    Epic Rolex Middle Sea Race on Redshift Reloaded- drifting through Messina Straits, mega thunderstorms past Stromboli, bumpy upwind to Favignana and fast downwind all the way to Lampedusa

    What Makes a Good Sailor?


    What makes a good Sailor? Insight from Coach Development Expert Dave Mellor

    How To - Tensioning Battens


    How To Set Batten Tension - Sailing Top Tips with North Sails and British Keelboat Academy

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