issue 5

Foiling Face Off/ Sailing Legends - Tracy Edwards/ King of the Foilers/ Yacht Racing Tips - Strength and Fitness/ How to Use a Zipper on a Kite

Foiling Face Off
Sailing Legends - Tracy Edwards
King of the Foilers
 Yacht Racing Tips
 How to Use a Zipper
issue 4

10 year sailing challenge/ Sailing Legends - Shirley Robertson/ Diamond Diaries/ Yacht Racing Tips - How to be the Best Bowman/ Yacht Racing Tips

10 year sailing challenge
Sailing Legends
Diamond Diaries
Yacht Racing Tips
Yacht Racing Tips
issue 3

Youth vs Experience/ Sailing Legends - Xu Lijia/ Olympic Mallett's Mallet/ Start Dinghy Foiling/ Tip - How to Choose your Mast

Youth vs Experience
 Sailing Legends
Olympic Mallett's Mallet
Start Dinghy Foiling
 How to Choose your Mast
issue 2

Sail vs Power/ Sailing legends - Abby Ehler/ Diamond Diaries - Rolex Middle Sea race/ What Makes a Good Sailor?/ How To - Tensioning Battens

Sail vs Power
Sailing legends - Abby Ehler
Diamond Diarie
What Makes a Good Sailor?
How To - Tensioning Battens
issue 1

Extreme Ocean Clean/ Sailing Legends: Dee Caffari/ Scare a Sailor/ How to Handle Start Line Pressure/ Spinnaker Repair Tips

Extreme Ocean Clean
Sailing Legends: Dee Caffari
Scare a Sailo
How to Handle Start Line Pressure
Spinnaker Repair Tips