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Weather Courses for RYA Instructors

Following the well-received talks last year, we are pleased announce six more opportunities for RYA instructors to learn more about weather.

These days aim to improve your knowledge and give you more ideas for delivery to students at all levels. They will be run by Simon Rowell, whose qualifications and experience include RYA Yachtmaster Ocean Instructor and Examiner, winning Clipper skipper and an MSc in Applied Meteorology.

There will be two types of course available, aimed at slightly different audiences:

Weather for Sailors (global): covering the full syllabus, this course is aimed at RYA Yachtmaster Instructors and those teaching RYA Yachtmaster Ocean courses.

Weather for Sailors (mid-latitude): tropical weather is not covered but there is more emphasis on local effects (eg. sea breeze quadrants and visual clues). This course is aimed at RYA Dinghy, Windsurfing and Cruising Instructors.

The advice about who each course is aimed at is for guidance only - feel free to pick which course you would rather attend.

Syllabus for both courses:

  • Global Weather Patterns: why we have weather and seasons, the Jet Streams and their importance, the Coriolis Effect and the general surface distribution of the major pressure systems.
  • Weather Charts and Forecasts: synoptic and surface forecast charts, geopotential height charts, GRIB data, ensemble forecasts and weather sources in general in the GMDSS system and beyond.
  • Mid-Latitude Weather: depressions, mid-level troughs and ridges, frontal systems, heat lows, rain/sleet/snow/hail, high pressure systems and the ominously named “storm track”.
  • Boundary Layer Weather: this is the bit we go sailing in, and covered in this section are sea and land breezes, gusts and fog.
  • Topographic Effects: wind coming on to and off land, surface convergence and divergence, acceleration zones, katabatic winds and Chinook winds.
  • Tropical Weather: a definition, the Hadley Cell, trade winds, the ITCZ, diurnal variation, tropical waves, tropical revolving storms, monsoons and squalls.

Course dates:

Weather for Sailors (global): May 6th, October 15th and December 17th

Weather for Sailors (mid-latitude): May 7th, October 16th and December 18th

These will all be held at RYA House in the Hamble, and will cost £25 (including teas and coffees, but no lunch).

A full set of notes will be sent out before the course. To book your place, please email Simon on this link here

Places are available on a first come, first served basis.

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