RYA East Club Development Forums

We are delivering 2 club development forums at different venues across the region in February and March. The two subjects will be separate sessions, but take place on the same evenings  at the same time. We would like to encourage you to car share and bring other club representatives to enable your club to benefit from both sessions during the evening.

 Date Location Time
 26th February  Orwell Yacht Club  19:00 - 21:30
 11th March  Benfleet Yacht Club  19:30 - 22:00


How can we recruit and retain more volunteers in our clubs? Book Now

This forum is all about volunteering:   The world of volunteering is changing, so how do we develop our volunteer management practices to cater for this? In this forum we will explore the RYA’s latest insights in this subject area in relation to your and other local clubs and share ideas on how you may wish to adapt your volunteer management practices to spreading the load across the many rather than the few.  


What can your club do to retain more members?                   Book Now

  Membership churn remains a challenge for many clubs. This forum will facilitate a discussion between clubs across the area to better understand  the reasons for membership churn and to look at what drives satisfaction and what we can do in our clubs to improve member retention.