South Club Development Forums

Due to Covid-19, we know that clubs are now facing a number of new challenges so we have created these forums as an opportunity for clubs to come together to share ideas around a focused topic.  

We will be using an online tool to host these forums that enables us to provide a short presentation to you, share a case study from a club that has successfully been addressing the topic, then break onto smaller groups to discuss the situation and explore the options to managing this, just like a face to face forum!

Once you have dialed or clicked into the forum we can manage all of this for you so almost no tech skills are required!   All club development forums are free of charge.  

These forums are relevant for anyone involved with running club activity, but will be especially useful for those who are on a committee.   

We will be covering a range of topics to help you manage your club, enagage your members and the safe return to activity.Each forum has an online booking which can be accessed at the links below.

Book your place now and share with others at your club!


*Please note the recordings are from the South West regional Club Development Forums

 Upcoming Club Development Forum  Date Time Booking link
 What the latest government changes mean for your club  11th September 1400 - 1500  View Recording
  Past Club Development Forums   Video Link   Recording Link 
  How can your club safely restart recreational activity?     View Recording
  How can you manage and support your club volunteers     View Recording
 How can we safely return to sailing when lockdown is eased?     View Video View Recording
How can your club plan to safely reopen its buildings      View Video View Recording
How can your club plan to safely restart racing activity    View Video View Recording
How can your club plan to safely restart training activity?    View Video View Recording
SUSTAINABLE RETURN TO BOATING - Capitalising on Increased Environmental Awareness    View Video