RYA South Club Development Sessions

The RYA South Development Forum programme is a fantastic opportunity for networking with other boating clubs in your local area

The forums are now over for 2019. Should your club wish to discuss or have any questions on one of the below evenings then please do contact Susie Moore by email RDO.South@rya.org.uk  or call 07748806733.

Forum Outline

  • Focus area & topics presented
  • Discussion - What your club or the clubs as a group can be doing to tackle the challenges or take advantage of the opportunities on the table.
  • Highlighting of support available from the RYA or other organisations
  • Plan of action created
  • Any other Business/ Questions - An opportunity for anyone to highlight successes they wish to share or a challenges they are facing outside of the evenings topic.                  

The aim of the forums is that clubs will come along with an open mind to share ideas to share to support each other to progress and the region to success in its aim of increasing club membership by 5% by 2021.     

Snacks & refreshments will be available at each evening to help keep the mind focused.                                    

January's Club Development Forums Presentation 1 - Creating a Thriving Volunteer Community in Your Club
 Volunteers are the essential ingredient to the running of boating clubs and their activities. However across the sporting world research indicates that it is becoming increasingly difficult to recruit and retain volunteers with shortages being reported across a range of rolls with in clubs. In this session we will aim to explore possible new avenues and hear from those whom have been seeing successes in this area.  
 February's Club Development Forums Presentation 2 - Increasing Junior & Youth membership and activity
Juniors are the future of boating and it’s clubs. Insights continually remind us how people are more likely to enjoy a lifetime of sailing or return to sailing following a period away if they are introduced as a young person. This evening will be spent looking at ways we can engage with  our local community to give the opportunity to try sailing, windsurfing or powerboating and how your club and the region as a whole can offer a clear pathway from beginner, through to RYA Instructor and RYA Zone level.
March's Club Development Forums Presentation 3 - Increasing the Satisfaction of your Current Club Membership to Keep Them Coming Back
 2018 saw the results from the first Club Member Satisfaction Survey. The area of soft skills showed as the biggest satisfaction gaps across all clubs that took part. Discuss ideas with your fellow clubs relating to ways your club can take action based on the 2018 learnings and member scenarios from the survey.  With the development of clubs soft skills now being a new area of focus for the region, we will also ask for your input into what additional support your club may need to develop in this area. In addition to this discover how your club can be involved in the 2019 Club Member Satisfaction Survey to gain a better understanding of your club’s member satisfaction
April's Club Development Forums Topic: Exploring the Future of Boating and how your club can use the resources it already has to attract a changing market.
Over the winter period there has been a series of webinars delivered as well as the key note speaker at the South’s Affiliated Clubs Conference focusing on the themes coming out of the Future of Boating research conducted by Liz Rushall Marketing on behave of British Marina. Take a look at what clubs in the RYA South Region are doing with the resources they already have to meet the needs of the changing nature of our customers base.