Clarification : Anchoring at Gott Bay, Tiree and other CMAL harbours

(From RYA Scotland Cruising and General Purposes Committee - Friday 20th July 2018)

A recent report of a boat owner being asked by Calmac to pay £12 to anchor at Scarinish, Gott Bay, Tiree, within 750m of the Caledonian Maritime Assets Ltd (CMAL)-owned ferry pier has caused concern.

The RYA Scotland's Cruising and General Purposes Committee has followed this up by a Freedom of Information request to CMAL's Harbour Master at Port Glasgow, who has replied to report that this was an error by Calmac stating;

"There are no charges within our Schedule of Harbour Charges for recreational craft anchoring within any CMAL jurisdiction and there are currently no prohibitions in place at any location for such vessels to do so. Anchorage charges can only be applied to ferries, commercial and cruise vessels."

CMAL do have a Harbour Empowerment Order for the bay, to 750m around the pier, as shown in the attached chart. Within this are 10 visitors moorings laid in 2017 by the Tiree community business, for which a charge of £12 per night is made, payable at MacLennan Motors office on the Pier Head ( ). However, as made clear above, recreational craft can anchor at no cost anywhere within this limit, subject to the responsibility of not impairing access to the pier or the moorings.

Chart of Gott Bay, showing harbour limit and moorings.

Full details of the Harbour Order can be found at: (

In summary, the jurisdiction for Tiree Ferry Terminal, Scarinish Pier, Isle of Tiree is defined within ‘The Caledonian MacBrayne Limited (Gott Bay Pier) Harbour Revision Order 1990’ and is defined as:

‘Limits of harbour

  1. The Company shall exercise jurisdiction as a harbour authority within the meaning of section 57 of the Harbours Act 1964, and the powers of the harbourmaster shall be exercisable within—

a) the area lying below the level of high water and bounded by a line commencing at a point at NM 04194593 at the level of high water westwards of the existing pier and extending in an arc with a radius of 750 metres from the north eastern extremity of the pier head at a point at NM 04914570 and terminating southwards of the said pier at a point at NM 04734495 at the level of high water; and

(b) the pier premises.’

RYA Scotland would like to hear from you if you have also experienced being charged, or being asked for fees, in any CMAL port area in 2018. Please contact Pauline McGrow at with details.