Enjoy up to 35% discount on Rash’R rash vests

Rash’R’s ultra-light, ultra-bright, eco-friendly rash vests are made entirely from reclaimed Ocean Waste; doing their bit to save the planet! RYA Members can get up to 35% off through the RYA reward partner scheme. Rash’R rash vests are made from 81% recycled polyester and 19% spandex.

The recycled polyester comes from recycled fishing nets, carpets and other post-consumer goods. As well as their commitment to sustainability Rash’R is all about having fun in, on or around the water. So whether you’re a pro sailor or a warm water kiter Rash’R Vests all offer:

  • Sun protection to SPF 50+
  • Flat lock to SPF 50+
  • Flat lock stitching
  • 4 way stretch fabric to avoid any chafing or discomfort
  • Oil and sunscreen resistant
  • Everlasting print
  • Compression fit

The Rash’R range has rash vests for the whole family and come in a variety of colours that are super sharp, extremely vibrant and long lasting alongside fully custom designs giving the vests a completely unique look. To take advantage of this great new member offer visit the RASHR member benefit page and claim your member discount code.

Save up to 20% on eco-chic SACQUA bags

SACQUA offers stunning bags for people on the water who care about our oceans. SACQUA bags are made from recycled plastics, are space-saving, light-weight, water-proof and stylishly nautical to boot!

SACQUA supplies an eco-chic solution for your boating needs and you can get your SACQUA bags at an excellent price with RYA members saving up to 20%. Visit the SACQUA member benefit page to find out more.

Great offers and discounts for RYA members from Spinlock

Rig tuning can be a sensitive subject around the dinghy park. With conflicting ideas, methodologies and practices leading to a wealth of invaluable and not so valuable advice. 

Fleets are known for their cohesion and willingness to share ideas from top sailors to those new to the sport. Common questions across all performance levels include: 

  • How are you pointing so high?
  • Where do you find such good boat speed?
  • Why do I feel so underpowered or overpowered?
  • Why am I faster upwind than downwind?

One common denominator to all these questions is Rig tension. Understanding how to measure, record and repeat rig tension for conditions is therefore critical to ensure boat set up is correct and enable maximum potential sailing performance. Spinlock have worked with many fleets to establish common rig settings. The Spinlock Rig Sense helps to ensure repeatable rig settings for all types of sailors. For those travelling on the national circuit Rig Sense gives confidence that rig set up at each event is correct every time. For the club sailor the Rig Sense allows settings to be checked, compared and refined throughout the season. 

Understanding what rig tension you require in the given conditions compared to another boat is something that should always be considered. A heavy crew compared to a light crew at the front of the fleet are likely to have very different rig settings and sailing styles in a range conditions. 

With base settings pre-loaded into the rig sense app you are then able to record and monitor rig tension in the varied conditions throughout the series or season. Keeping a note of what worked or didn’t work during races, making it easy to identify what worked best to establish a clear base setting for your crew weight. This solid foundation then gives confidence in settings allowing greater focus on developing sailing without worrying about rig set up.

To find out the range of offers and discounts available including Spinlock’s Rig-Sense tuning gauges visit the Spinlock member benefit page.

Should I be changing the terms of my insurance due to the COVID-19 pandemic?

With the UK currently in lockdown due to COVID-19, many of us are coming to terms with the fact that use of our boats is likely to be extremely restricted this year, and a number of RYA members have already contacted Bishop Skinner Marine to ask about changing their insurance terms.

Advice to RYA members from Bishop Skinner Marine is that they should think very carefully before deciding to cancel their insurance policy. Whilst the obvious risks such as collisions and groundings is much reduced, unfortunately in times such as these insurers expect to see an increase in criminal activity such as theft of equipment, theft of outboard motors and malicious damage. Indeed, in the last couple of weeks insurers have reported seeing an increase in claims connected to crime. It is also important to remember that when you keep your boat at a marina or club, they will have conditions relating to you maintaining a certain level of insurance cover.

As always, it is important that the terms of your policy accurately reflect how you use your boat and provide the correct level of cover. Bishop Skinner Marine are happy to talk through your insurance requirements to ensure your policy is tailored to suit you and also give you advice with regards to the importance of reactivating any removed cover if and when we able to get back on the water.

Bishop Skinner Marine have been proud RYA supporters for over 30 years, offering unique benefits to members including a 10% discount on your premium. To find out more visit the Bishop Skinner member benefits page.

Not an RYA Member

As an RYA member, you could be benefiting from a whole host of special offers and discounts to help cut the cost of your boating. To claim these great offers join the RYA today and visit the member benefits webpages to obtain your discount codes.