Following lockdown and a challenging few months, many clubs have had increased interest and activity from their members, as well as attracting new members.  

The Rediscover Sailing initiative will help to support sailing and boating clubs to encourage member activity, retain club membership, recruit volunteers, enhance the boating experience for members and assist with workforce development.  

The initiative had been due to take place from May until September under the title of ‘Discover Sailing’ but due to Covid-19, this unfortunately had to be cancelled.  

In previous years, the initiative has been a key contributor to increasing the awareness of sailing and boating in Northern Ireland, offering everyone of all abilities the opportunity to try the sport.  

This time there will be some added extras with workshops on boat maintenance and volunteer recruitment opportunities on offer, depending on the goals of the club.  

RYA Northern Ireland’s Active Clubs Co-Ordinator Lisa McCaffrey commented: “I am excited about the Rediscover Sailing initiative. There is still some uncertainty at the minute regarding Covid-19 but at the moment we are planning ahead for the Rediscover Sailing Days and these will meet all government guidelines. If things change, we will review the situation and adhere to all guidance to ensure the safety of our clubs and their members.  

“It is crucial for clubs to connect with members at this time either to develop their sailing, whether this is through activities or workshops. I am looking forward to communicating with clubs again on potential participation opportunities, it is key for the future of our sport and its members.”  

If your club or centre is keen on organising a rediscover sailing day, please complete the online survey here.