Further enhancing its eBook offering, the RYA has introduced the RYA Training Almanac - Northern (e-TAN) and Southern (e-TAS) hemisphere eBooks.  

The new digital format makes them easier to use, update and keep relevant for students and instructors alike.  

One of the great new features of the RYA Training Almanac is the interactive tidal curve feature allowing users to work through tidal curves in a digital format; helping to bring shorebased learning to life.  

When using the eBook, for each standard port, users simply touch or click the tidal curve to open the interactive feature where they use the ruler tool to draw straight lines on the curve. Clicking or using their finger to adjust each end of the line and pressing 'Draw!' to apply the line.  A pen tool allows users to add freehand notes and the 'Tidal Chart' panel allows users to view tidal information.  Cells beneath the curve and the 'Notes' field allow users to enter times and their own notes.  

"When we showcased the new RYA Training Almanac eBook at the RYA's first Digital Day at the PSP Southampton Boat Show many visitors were particularly impressed by the interactive tidal curve feature", commented Steen Ingerslev, RYA Publications Manager.  

"While many of our instructors were aware of the digital technology available from the RYA they wanted a bit more information and to ask a few more questions before making the move to introduce new digital elements in to their training and instructing.  However we strongly believe the eBook Training Almanac will be a training aid many of our instructors won't be able to resist."  

The RYA Training Almanac eBook is ideal for students and as a teaching aid for shorebased and Yachtmaster instructors demonstrating the use of tidal curves and chart data.  One huge advantage for instructors of also buying the eBook through our webshop is the ability to run it on a variety of platforms including laptops which are already regularly used in the classroom for the RYA Training Electronic Chart Plotter.  

The RYA Training Almanac - Southern and Northern regions are available to purchase via the RYA webshop - www.rya.org.uk/shop   

E-Training Almanac - Northern (e-TAN)      

E-Training Almanac - Southern (e-TAS)   

All RYA eBooks can be bought directly through the RYA web shop, www.rya.org.uk/shop   where you can take advantage of the following additional benefits:

  • Access your eBooks on all supported platforms and on up to 3 different devices
  • Take advantage of the 15% RYA Members' discount
  • Sync notes and bookmarks across platforms  

All RYA eBooks can also be bought directly through the FREE RYA Books App which runs on Windows, OS X, iOS, Android and Kindle Fire devices, however this can limit you to that specific platform. Visit www.rya.org.uk/go/eBooks to find out how to get the app, where you can download tasters of RYA eBooks for free.  

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