The RYA welcomes ISAF's efforts and direct discussions with the IPC in an attempt to reinstate sailing to the Paralympic Games programme for Tokyo 2020. 

While the recent meeting between IPC officials and the ISAF President and Vice President did not manage to reverse the decision thus far, we understand that there is still a slim possibility for 2020 - and while that slim hope remains we will continue unabated with our plans, activities and our support of our sailors and of ISAF towards sailing's return to the Paralympic Games programme.

The RYA is also proactively working with ISAF to support developing Paralympic sailing nations, and to maximise the impact of the ISAF Sailing World Cup Weymouth and Portland in June as an opportunity to showcase Paralympic sailing at its best.  

We sincerely hope the voices of the sailors - both those campaigning for 2020 and those aspiring beyond that - can be heard by the IPC over and above the administrative shortcomings of the former world governing body.