Chris White was select as a winner by the RYA Honours and Awards Panel for his Lifetime Commitment during his time with the club stretching back 25 years

"The award came as a great surprise and I am proud to have been honored in this way," he said.

He was one of many volunteers who worked to improve the club during a massive facelift that involved dredging their lake, clearing up the woodland and reshaping the shoreline. "I pushed many a wheelbarrow of gravel," he reflects. That improvement was one of the factors that led to Redesmere being chosen as RYA Club Of the Year 2016.

The citation describes him: "The classic unsung hero, Chris is an example of the best aspects of community sailing and sportsmanship in racing; he has been a lynch-pin in the development of the club and of countless youth and adult sailors."

As an electrical engineer by profession, Chris has helped the club�s development and operation, from rewiring the clubhouse to ensure the provision of hot showers, to helping with race management and club operational matters where his in-depth knowledge and experience have always discreetly been available.

He is involved in formal training activities at the club and his leadership, quietly present, has assisted members improve their sailing confidence and skills.

He has often sacrificed his own competitive sailing to support and encourage others but he says he is delighted when youngsters trained at the club get onto the zone squad. "Redesmere is a lovely spot and its a very very friendly club."

The citation says: "Chris has never sought the limelight but has quietly and consistently offered support, advice and expertise, which have built up over the years into a major contribution to a successful and thriving club."