Following extensive analysis of the maritime traffic in the area of the approach to Dartmouth and the Skerries Bank, Trinity House are proposing to permanently discontinue the Port Hand Unlit Lateral Mark at Skerries Bank.

The traffic analysis has shown that the area of the bank and approach to Dartmouth is adequately covered by the sectored light at Start Point and the sectored approach light at Kingswear. The analysis also shows that the buoy could be creating an obstacle for vessels operating in this area.

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A consultation period will run until 16 April 2018 so that stakeholders in the area and those concerned with maritime safety can provide comments for further consideration by Trinity House.

It is worth noting that no response to this consultation will be deemed to be an acceptance to this proposal.

To take part in the consultation, please write or email referring to "Skerries Bank Buoy Consultation" by 16 April 2018 to: Stephen Vanstone, Navigation Services Officer, Navigation Directorate, Trinity House, Trinity Square, London, EC3N 4DH. Email:-