RYA affiliated clubs and recognised training centres may be eligible to apply for a grant to help with 'establishment work'. This is work that's necessary to make stretches of the coastline fit for use as part of the England Coast Path - the 2,700 mile National Trail which is being created through Natural England's approved Scheme.

Get the grant handbook

A new Handbook sets out how the England Coast Path Establishment Fund (ECPEF) works and the rules that need to be followed in both the application and claims process.

The handbook explains:

  • who can apply
  • how to apply
  • what the grant can pay for
  • what evidence you need to provide to make an application
  • how an offer is made
  • how you can claim payment

To obtain your copy of the ECPEF handbook, visit www.rya.org.uk/go/ecpfund.

What the grant will fund

The grant can cover 100% of your establishment costs. It will pay for items ranging from signs and gates to access management.

  • Surfacing such as drains, culverts, boardwalks, built up paths, surfacing works (stone, textile), and haul roads for construction traffic
  • Access furniture such as fences, gates, bridges, staircases, steps, access ramps, slopes, highway modifications, highway markings, road schemes, dropped kerbs, and barriers
  • Access management for example cutting, strimming, cutting of new alignments/path creation, tree planting, hedge planting, rubbish clearance, survey work, screens, and tree surgery
  • Signage such as waymarks, posts, interpretation panels, advisory signs, restriction notices/signs,  and highway signs
  • Management costs incurred by the applicant in delivering the agreed grant aided works, for example supervisory work, letting and managing contracts, and meetings (including with Natural England

You're eligible to apply if you're an access authority, a land owner, or a land manager.

What happens next?

The Natural England local team will work closely with each applicant through the planning stages of a coastal stretch's development, culminating in the submission of a report to the Secretary of State. These reports include a detailed overview and estimated cost of works required to establish that stretch of the England Coast Path.

How the grant works

The ECPEF grant, funded by Rural Development Programme for England, is competitive and there's no limit to the size of grant you can apply for. Natural England will assess all applications to ensure they meet the selection criteria. They will award grants to submissions that represent the best value for money.

The RYA will continue to provide its members, affiliates and stakeholders with regular updates on the progress of the England Coast Path.

For further information or specific advice, please visit www.rya.org.uk/go/ecpfund or get in touch with us via environment@rya.org.uk.  Prefer to speak to the team?  Just give us a call on 023 8060 4228.