Ewan has been involved in a number of clubs from the Aberdeenshire coast to the Clyde and adopted a number of roles from beach master to Commodore, inspiring and enabling people to get afloat for decades.

Ewan dedicated his award to everyone he has worked with during his long career.

“I think this award is a real reflection of everyone I’ve worked with,” said Ewan. “I’ve been sailing all of my life and worked with hundreds of people whose efforts have made all this possible. I feel like I’m accepting this on behalf of all of them.”

Many positive comments from clubs and individuals have been received via social media showing the extent to which Ewan has touched the sport in Scotland.

His interest in sailing started with tales of pre-war sailing from his father in Glasgow, but it wasn’t until the 1957 Cub Scout and Guide Exhibition at the Kelvin Hall where the Sea scouts were building a wooden Pram dinghy and instantly fascinated Ewan.

“This is for me!” Thought Ewan and looked for and joined a Sea Scout Troop and eventually managed to sail the very same Pram dinghy, called ‘UNA’ on Hogganfield Loch in North East Glasgow.

“The Sea Scouts had a Heron Dinghy and Una kept in a Glasgow Corporation shed at the Loch and I used to go and repair them midweek when there was no sailing, I just couldn’t get enough of it!”

Ewan continued with the Sea Scouts for many years becoming a leader and then a commissioner. The boats from Hogganfield were eventually moved out to Blairvadich Outdoor Centre on the Gare Loch but Ewan sought to keep sailing within the city of Glasgow and started work on eventually transforming the 6th Glasgow Scouts into a Sea Scout group based at the Tall Ship, Glenlee, on the Clyde.

Ewan recalled the West End festival one year where the Sea Scouts took a fully rigged Wayfarer all the way from gates of Botanics Gardens to the River as part of Parade.

“A little bit of imagination and you can get sailing anywhere and putting sailing where people can get at it and has been a hugely popular thing in Scotland in last 10-20 years.”

Ewan continues this enthusiasm and commitment within his current roles at Chair of RYA Scotland and as current commodore of Largs Sailing Club where he is often helping out on the waters edge, although he does still get afloat and join in the races from time to time in his Solo.

Congratulations to Ewan from all the team at RYA Scotland.