This means they will be able to call on a wide range of advice, information and assistance from national RYA experts and regional staff on matters such as training, development, promotion, legal and technical. 

Preston Keelboat Club was formed in September 2016 with its home waters the 40 acres of Preston's dock basin. So far there are 15 keen members who enjoy this style of boating in craft that have a weighted keel, rather than just a board to prevent sideways drift as in the case of dinghies.

The main classes of boat the club has so far are Squibs and Flying Fifteens. They give the opportunity for racing and the club is hoping to attract many visitors. 

The inaugural Commodore, Andrew Harris, explains "Preston Marina is 10 miles from the Ribble Estuary with tidal constraints so sea sailing is a big commitment demanding days when keelboat sailing can be achieved in hours which is attractive for those with limited time available.

"The Club hopes to increase the use of the dock basin which is a wonderful asset. It is also a safe environment for training and getting young people afloat."

Preston Marina is an RYA Active Marina and Training Centre which hope to provide keelboat training courses shortly. 

In the meantime the Club will be involved with the RYA�s Push the Boat Out weekend on May 13/14 which aims to get newcomers onto the water. The Club is also planning informal events for the coming season and will be inviting keelboat owners from around the North West and the Irish Sea to join them for racing events and hopefully a regatta in due course. 

Information about the Club can be found on and about RYA affiliation on this site