The aims of the course were to give participants the knowledge and confidence to enable disabled people to:

  • Feel welcomed, included and engaged.
  • Be able to take part.
  • To share in a passion for sailing and boating.

……and by the end of the course participants had:

  • A set of frameworks, principles and models to engage people to be active and take part.
  • Considered some of the barriers that may exist and how to remove them
  • Explored a variety of common scenarios 

Sarah Sibley, London and South East Disability Development Officer, said: “It was great to see so many people coming out on a cold windy Saturday in January. There was a really good mix of experiences in the room and some interesting discussions followed.

“Everyone went away with a greater understanding of disability and how to respond and react to different scenarios. Feedback was that the course was really useful and informative.”

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