Do you know why your members stay with you or when they leave do you ask why?

Understanding people's motivations for being a member at your club is an integral part of understanding if you're giving your members what they want. Overlook this and you might find you lose people quicker than you recruit them.

That is why Midlands Regional Development Officer, Gareth Brookes, is urging all affiliated clubs in our region to grasp the invitation to take part in the RYA's first independent Club Members' Satisfaction Survey.

If your club registers to be part of the survey, starting in June, an independent research company will gather up-to-date member and leaver feedback on various aspects of club life, including facilities and activity programmes. Recommendations for improving overall levels of satisfaction will also be sought.

After your results are analysed, you will receive a two-page report so you can better understand what your members really think about your club. And it's all free.

Gareth said: "Being involved in this survey will help you really get to grips with how well you do what you do, and how you could improve.

"Membership churn - the proportion of total membership leaving each year - tends to fluctuate annually in the Midlands. Last year our regional churn was at its lowest ever rate at 8.3%, and below the England average for the first time. Yet over 1,600 people were still estimated to have left Midlands clubs in the previous 12 months and in 2016 our churn rate was above the national average.

"This volatility suggests while some of our clubs really seem to understand what their members want, and have adapted to be flexible in their approach, there are still many that get it wrong as much as they get it right. Having an independent report to base decisions on will hopefully help everyone to get it right more often."

While your club will be left with invaluable member satisfaction insights, the RYA will also use your results in an overall non-club specific report to identify any national patterns and trends. This will help inform us as to in which areas and how we can better support our clubs in improving membership retention going forwards.

Your club's results won't be shared with other clubs and information will be treated in confidence and completed anonymously. In line with the new GDPR regulations, all data will be secure and destroyed once the results have been analysed.

Victoria Lenz, RYA Data and Insights Manager, added: "Asking for feedback itself can improve satisfaction. It conveys the message your club cares, isn't afraid to seek members' views and values members' opinions as it wants to improve."

Register to get your club involved here - Expression of interest for the Club Members' Satisfaction Survey