Our Second event of the year seen our Team 15ers head to the home of the Loch Insh Monstars. This event showcased everything team 15 and youth windsurfing in Scotland is all about. Fun, friendly and very welcoming, all organised by the hosting club in conjunction with Loch Insh Watersports.


Our Aim for our events this year is to showcase the unique points of the amazing locations and the clubs that train using them. Loch Insh Monstars achieved this by arranging the first day as a recruitment drive for local youngsters to come along and try windsurfing for the first time. The uptake was quite overwhelming getting 36 windsurfers out on the water of all levels with many first timers coming back for the competition the next day.  



With the influx of new windsurfers we promptly got everyone kitted up and split up into our groups Team Grom (beginner) headed up by Murray Sampson, Team Ripper (Intermediate) with Erin Watson and Team Techno (advanced) taught by myself (Sami Poole). All groups hit the water with the same aim for the day-FUN and from the noise on the water it certainly seemed like Team Grom achieved  our aim the most with team Ripper and Techno working on there light wind sailing techniques.  


We started our competition day with our race brief outlining the courses every one would be racing on Alpha course being a triangular course with a hook finish and bravo course being an across the wind buoy to buoy race.

Our Groms raced the entire morning with lots of fun races. In the afternoon they came on the water to watch and learn about what was happening on alpha course and what they will be aspiring to achieve in the future.


Alpha course had our 5.8 + on 4laps of the course and 4.5 and below on 2laps which allowed us to get 6 races out of the day with our 4.5 class winners taking it to the very last race to decide who would be taking home the gold  


6.8 Fleet

1st Sam- Newburgh Sea Gorrilaz

5.8 Fleet

1stKyle - Loch Insh MonStars

2nd- Dylan- Clyde Barracudas

3rd  Kai - Loch Insh MonStars

4.5 Fleet

1st -Mak and Archie- Loch Insh MonStars

2nd Zak - Clyde Barracudas

3rd Amina -Port Edgar Pirates

3.5 Fleet

1st Haden- Loch Insh MonStars  

It was amazing to see so many young windsurfers on the water at this event and hope from the positive experience of this event will keep them coming back to our amazing sport. Once again a huge thank must go to everyone who was involved in making this event such a big success.  

A huge thanks to Andrew Godfrey for the fantastic images.

Our Next event will be held out of Port Edgar Watersports on the 10th and 11th of August. We are looking forward to seeing you all there.

Sami Poole

For more info on how to get involved https://www.rya.org.uk/scotland/initiatives/Pages/team15.aspx