Since last autumn Chris Simon, London and South East Regional Rules Advisor has delivered 16 talks to clubs attended by 528 ‘Zoom attendees’ (some of which included two or more persons), on the new rules for 2021 – 2024. This is nearly double the amount done when the last new rules were introduced four years ago, mainly due to the accessibility of Zoom.

The talks/courses are designed for club sailors and race officials audiences. Most of them can be delivered on Zoom or a similar virtual platform while lockdown conditions prevail, or Zoom or in person when restrictions are lifted. For visits clubs are asked to pay Chris’ travel expenses.

Chris says that there are rule changes that both sailors and race organisers need to know about for the new season.

The following talks and courses are available:

  • New Rules for 2021 – 2024: Covering the changes to the RRS taking effect from 1stJanuary 2021. There's also a short version available for young or inexperienced competitors.
  • Basic Rules: a talk using the RYA’s Handy Guide to the Racing Rules 2021 – 2024 to give newcomers to racing a summary of the basic rules that they need to know to go racing.
  • Rules at Marks: A very detailed look at the mark rounding rules.
  • Rules around the Race Track: A detailed look at the rules applicable, in the order met when in a race.
  • Racing Rules for Rivers: not just rivers but any enclosed waters (e.g., reservoirs, gravel pits, etc.) as it deals in detail with obstructions, continuing obstructions, hailing for room, etc.
  • RRS for Race Management: covers all the rules aspects for running a race.
  • What rules do you need to know?: a talk specifically for safety and mark laying boats who may be asked by the Race Officer to deal with other things on the water – probably useful for race officers too.
  • Resolving rules disputes: about advisory and arbitration hearings and the post-race penalty. To use these a club needs to have trained Club Rules Advisors – see below.
  • Conducting a protest hearing: A step-by-step guide on chairing a protest hearing. This is not suitable for virtual presentation as sample documents and online resources are involved.
  • Club Race Officer training course: designed to be delivered by an experienced Club race officer to introduce the principles of race management in the Club’s environment and practices. Not suitable for virtual presentation.
  • Club Rules Advisor training course: a course to give training in the use of the RYA’s Alternative [Rules] Dispute Resolution processes and procedures. Not suitable for virtual presentation.

Please contact Chris for more information or to arrange a talk/course.