Norfolk Boreas Limited (NBL) intends to develop and construct an offshore wind farm located approximately 73km from the coast of Norfolk (the Project). The Project, located in the southern North Sea, would cover an area of approximately 725km2.

Offshore cables transmitting power from the Project would make landfall south of Happisburgh. From there buried cables would continue approximately 60km underground to an onshore project substation, and connect into the National Grid substation near Necton, Norfolk.

Nationally significant

The Project will have an export capacity of up to 1,800 MW and therefore falls within the definition of a Nationally Significant Infrastructure Project (NSIP). As a result, the Applicant is required to submit an application for a development consent order (DCO) to the Planning Inspectorate, who will examine the application on behalf of the Secretary of State.

The Project is the second offshore wind farm proposal being developed by Vattenfall in this part of the southern North Sea. With the same proposed export capacity of up to 1,800MW, the Norfolk Vanguard Project (also classified as an NSIP), submitted its DCO application to the Planning Inspectorate in June 2018 (Norfolk Vanguard).

Vattenfall aims to optimise synergies in relation to the development, construction, operation and eventual decommissioning of the two projects, enabling overall impacts to be reduced. If both projects secure consent and progress to construction, these synergies will be realised. However, the Applicant needs to consider the possibility that Norfolk Vanguard may not be built, and therefore proposes to include both scenarios within its Application.Consultation on the Project

In November and December 2018, there will be a statutory consultation on the Norfolk Boreas proposal. This is your opportunity to share your views on the project, including the micro-siting of the onshore project substation under Scenario 2 (i.e. in the event that Norfolk Vanguard does not proceed) together with the landscaping mitigation at the onshore project substation and connection point into the National Grid.

The consultation is open to all and will run from Wednesday, 7 November until Sunday, 9 December 2018. During this time, six public consultation events will take place along the route of the onshore cables, and an event in Norwich city centre.

A full list of the dates, times and locations for these events can be found at

Vattenfall has published a Statement of Community Consultation which describes the project and their approach to consultation in detail. It is available to view on the project website and it has also been sent to local parish and town councils, and to other local representatives and groups.

All consultation materials will be available to view at local libraries from 31 October until 9 December 2018. At each library visitors will be able to take away copies of the feedback form and consultation summary document along with a USB stick containing the full suite of consultation materials.

Have your say on the proposals

The deadline for feedback is Sunday, 9 December 2018 at 11:59pm. Feedback can be given by:

Our position

The RYA is a member of the Nautical and Offshore Renewable Energy Liaison (NOREL) group which works to ensure that the commercial and recreational shipping and ports industries successfully co-exist with the offshore renewable energy industries.

You can find out more about our efforts to limit the impact of offshore renewable developments on the navigational rights and safety of recreational boating on our Current Affairs hub.