You know the score, to fail to prepare is to prepare to fail, and all that. That's why once again we're giving you the best chance to get ahead for next season with the 2017 RYA Midlands Affiliated Clubs Conference and the 2017-18 Club Development Workshops. 

Here's what you need to know...

RYA Midlands Affiliated Clubs Conference

When is it: Saturday 18 November (0930-1700)

Where is it: Landau Forte College, Ashby Road, Tamworth, B79 8AA

Who's it for: Anyone who's involved in running our clubs. It would be lovely to see some new faces too so bring a car full, including some of your key flag officers, to make sure your club can spread yourself amongst the afternoon workshops (more on those later).

What does it cost: Nothing, nowt, nada, zero, it's free and it includes lunch and refreshments.

What's on: Here's the agenda for you -  RYA Midlands Conference Agenda

But in a nutshell the morning will look at the state of the nation, our sport and our region and introduce the RYA Midlands Regional Plan 2017-2021 and what it means for your club. A choice of Development Workshops will be run after lunch, each lasting one hour and covering the seven focus areas from the Regional Plan.

The full list of workshops, and descriptions, can be found here - RYA Midlands Affiliated Clubs Conference Workshops.

Why should you come:
The networking if nothing else. Last year over 100 of you from more than half of our region's 88 clubs made it along and you love to share, which we love to see! But equally, this is a one-off annual opportunity to have all your RYA Midlands experts in the same place at the same time to pick the brains of.

Also confirmed as attending from RYA HQ are John Dyke (RYA Legal), Bas Edmonds (RYA Technical and Racing Services Manager), Jacqui Roberts (Racing Rules and Race Officials) and Gemma Garrett (RYA Membership). The information and advice you will receive will be the most up-to-date and informed available to help you start thinking about what you could capitalise on in the next 12 months.

What would you be doing instead: Christmas shopping. Do we need to say anything else?

How do you book: By clicking on this link - RYA Midlands Affiliated Clubs Conference - and signing up. It's that easy!

Club Development Workshops

These are going to be run in two blocks this winter - six before Christmas on the topic of 'Growing your volunteer team' and a second round in January/February that will probably focus on marketing, specifically Facebook post boosting/advertising, although the details for those are to be confirmed.

These are the confirmed dates for the first six 'Growing your volunteer team' workshops (all are are 1900-2130 and free to attend):

  • 17th October - Ruston Sports Club, Lincoln
  • 18th October - Northampton Sailing Club, Northamptonshire
  • 19th October - Sportspark, Loughborough
  • 31st October - Rudyard Lake Sailing Club, Staffordshire
  • 1st November - South Staffs Sailing Club, Staffordshire
  • 2nd November - Aztec Adventure, Upton Warren, Worcestershire

The booking for these is now live here - Club Development Workshops

The Final Word

Gareth Brookes, RYA Midlands Regional Development Officer explains why getting ahead now is key to a successful 2018.

He said: "Sailing is a dynamic sport as is the world it operates in. The demands on your club members' time continues to evolve away from the 'traditional' sailing club model, while the requirements of grant organisations and regulation are also changing all the time. 

"The RYA Midlands Regional Plan 2017-21 outlines how we believe we can work with our clubs and centres to meet the participation challenges of the 21st Century, so for any club and centre wanting to keep ahead of the game, the conference and workshops are must-dos."