The RYA has teamed up with Bulb to offer RYA members specially negotiated discounts across Bulb's range of Sail Mates, magnetic model boats for sailing simulations, and Sailcloth Wallets.  

RYA Personal Members receive a 10% discount, Gold Members enjoy a 15% discount and RYA Instructor Members enjoy a 20% discount.  

"We're extremely honoured to be recognised as an RYA partner and very proud to share our Bulb products with RYA members", commented Jakica Jesih, Bulb Team.  

Sail Mates magnetic and non-magnetic model boats are ideal for sailing simulations, providing easy and understandable presentation of various situations on the water; boat manoeuvres, sail trim, wind and current directions, racing field marks, starting strategy, sailing tactics and much more. An excellent tool for sailing analysis, improving sailing knowledge and skills.  

Available in a range of different packs and sizes from travel packs to coach packs - Sail Mates are ideal for professional and recreational sailors, to sailing clubs and sailing schools, charter companies, coaches, race officers, umpires and members of the jury.

  • Full pack - the largest pack in quantity with up to 16 sailing boats, four race committee boats, wind, current and several marks.
  • Split pack - includes up to eight sailing boats, two race committee boats, wind, current and several marks. 
  • Maxi pack - includes large magnetic sailing boats specially designed to be seen from a distance. Great for use in larger rooms or in front of a big audience. Pack contains six big sailboats and one race committee boat that can be used on a magnetic board or on any other surface. 
  • Travel pack - a quick solution for demonstrating particular situations just after they occur, still on the water. Includes a few basic pieces (also yellow and blue for the match race) and is therefore small, light and easy to carry around, even in a pocket. 
  • Coach pack - an off-shore or on-shore "coach assistant". With a waterproof board it's an ideal accessory for demonstrating particular situations just after they occur. The hand strap ensures stability while using it in wavy conditions. Pack includes six mini Sail Mates, three arrows and two marks. Coach pack can be also used as a dry-wipe board, so you can draw and label different situations with a marker. The coach pack comes in a sailcloth easy-to-carry folder. 
  • Mini pack - the smallest pack in the Sail Mates family, small enough to fit every pocket, designed for demonstrating particular situations just after they occur, still on the water. Includes just a few basic pieces that can be used on the magnetic board within a Coach pack or purchased separately in a small sailcloth bag.
  • Custom pack - allows custom shapes, styles, colours. It enables endless graphic designs like including the logos - of your sailing club, boat name, crew name, sponsor … By request the standard size and shape can also be customized.   

"Understanding and meeting the specific needs of sailors, sailing clubs, coaches and race officials is our main objective when we design and manufacture our products. Bulb is a small and flexible team and can supply customized products and develop new, innovative solutions.  

"Since RYA members come from so many different sailing backgrounds and have a massive knowledge across all areas of the sport of sailing, we're really looking forward to exploring new opportunities together", Jakica added.  

Members will also be able to enjoy their discounts on Bulb's range of Sailcloth Wallets.

Made of two different types of sailcloth: one has just returned from its sailing journey and the other is new sailcloth that would otherwise be disposed of in the process of sail production.  All wallets are crafted by hand, each one individually unique and made to last.  

"We are delighted to have Bulb come on board as an RYA Member Partner.  I'm sure many of our members will find great benefit in the products on offer", commented Conor Swift, RYA Membership Development Manager.  

To take advantage of this great offer visit the RYA Bulb member benefit page.   

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