The RYA Publications team has developed a unique technology in partnership with renowned Danish naval architect Rolf Aidolspay which effectively makes the RYA eBooks waterproof.  

No more annoying watermarks on eBooks or water damaged pdfs, get rid of those awful curling up corners of ePUB files due to moisture with the best leap forward in digital technology for the marine market.  

Imagine the possibilities if water damage isn't an issue; looking up racing rules on your phone from the windward rail or even studying for your SRC exam with your tablet in the bath!  

Using Apple AirPlay's Flood technology, we have been able to use a special active aqua-polymer code to protect the eBook from any water ingress.

No matter how your device is affected by water, your eBook will now always be kept dry and free from water damage.  

RYA Publications Manager Steen Ingerslev said that there was a fairly sad pool of waterproof devices on the market and this kind of technology will help open up the possibility of waterproof eBooks to all devices.  

All you need to do is enter the special code AYPR 1LPH 0ULE here to download this extra code for free which will enhance your RYA eBook.