In 2017 you used our Midlands event pack so much, we've now got two!

If you are promoting your club at a high footfall location this year, like a county show or in your local town centre, hiring a free event pack can support your promotion.

Maybe you could do with an extra something to not only draw greater attention to yourselves but to really engage with people and get them interested and intrigued by sailing? The event packs really can help you catch people's eye and draw them in.

In addition to the original Go Sailing gazebo, the new addition is more focused on general boating.

Under the banner of 'Get Afloat', each side of the new gazebo features a different image of a boating activity - sailing, windsurfing, powerboating or inland waterways. Depending on what type of activity you're promoting or event you are at you can 'hide' the side(s) not relevant to you by simply rolling them up.

What's included?

  • A 3m x 3m four-sided Go Sailing or Get Aflaot gazebo
  • Go Sailing and other promotional flags to tie on and to pitch in the ground
  • Table with branded cloth that goes right over top.
  • Fusion Sailboat Simulator (Go Sailing pack only) - with rig and mesh sail so can be rigged even when windy. The simulator, which uses a windsurf simulator base so is very stable, can be 'sailed' and tacked.
  • A Mersea box trailer to make it easier to move the kit around the region
When can we book it?

The RYA Midlands event packs are set to be out in force at these events…

  • Nottinghamshire County Show (Newark Showground) - 12-13 May
  • Leicester Riverside Festival (River Soar, Leicester) - 2-3 June
  • Royal Three Counties Show (Malvern Showground) - 15-17 June
  • Stratford River Festival (Stratford-upon-Avon) - 30 June - 1 July
  • Nowka Bais (Edgbaston Reservoir, Birmingham) - 15 July
If your club is near any of these events and you want to piggyback on an event pack already being there, be our guest! Just tell us which volunteers from your club will come along to join our Regional Volunteer Team to man the gazebo on what days.

Or, if you're simply local and would like to help champion the sport on your doorstep, that would be brilliant too. Nothing sells like real enthusiasm!

Outside of these dates, the calendar is currently free. Make sure you're not disappointed for and book out an event pack as early as possible. To check availability and to make a booking email

Clubs can book the packs for 'home' events (such as Open Days) but priority is given to those clubs promoting activities at public, high footfall occasions.

Gareth Brookes, Midlands Regional Development Officer, said: "The pack was really popular and booked out most of last summer so thanks to the Regional Volunteer Team in supporting us to invest in another pack. With the new images on the second pack it appeals to different audiences and shows ours as a sport for all."