On 12 June Bolton SC was a wet and windy place: Gusts hitting 30 knots, driving rain and unseasonably chilly temperatures. Nobody was rushing to put a mast up so that event has been postponed to 15 October.

At Hollingworth Lake on the 3 July, 20 boats took to the water in this popular mid week series for the over 50s. Ian Jones in his Laser dominated and took all three races despite close competition from a chasing group of Supernovas and Solos.

At Southport on the 16 July the conditions were almost Mediterranean! 

The first race provided controversy as an island lay directly between two marks of the course. Unknown to some sailors this was meant to be taken to port which was the slow way. Unsurprisingly nearly all the fleet took it to starboard. In the spirit of the series without having to resort to the protest room a satisfactory compromise was proposed and accepted by all the sailors. Richard Hemingway, the only one to take the island to port on every lap was awarded first place and all the other boats given their place after this. For the remaining two races everybody took the islands on the correct side! 

Dave Woodhead in his Solo took advantage of the absence of some other top competitors to take both races and win on the day. He was very closely followed by Andy Flitcroft in a Supernova.The series now takes a summer break and resumes at Leigh and Lowton S C on the 11 September. Full details are available on the RYA NW web site. Overall standings can be found via this link