Nic Johnson (22) has been honoured with a Youth Community Award for her work training other young people at Coniston Sailing Club and at Roa Island Boating Club, where she is also a member, over the past six years. She even took time off work to help at the club's week-long summer school.

"The first I knew about the award was when I got the letter, brilliant", said Nic who is the third generation of her family at Coniston SC where she has sailed in dinghies and cruisers since she was a baby, both racing and enjoying recreational sailing.

She couldn't make the trip to London to receive the award because of her work as a plant electrician with the town's biggest employer and studying for a degree on day release.Nic qualified as an RYA Dinghy Instructor while she was working as an apprentice electrician and she intends to become a RYA Senior Instructor as soon as she can.

The citation for the award says "Due to her age, the juniors, in particular, look up to her and value her input and advice but she also runs sail training sessions with adult members, sorts out the club's technology and serves on the Sailing Committee."

"Caring, helpful, and an excellent role model, she has built up a wealth of knowledge which she uses to help others, offering empathetic advice and practical help to all."

At Coniston, Nic enjoys sailing her single-handed RS Aero, a very light and fast boat, while at Roa Island she jointly owns a double-handed 49er (one of the high performance Olympic classes). She looks forward to taking the 49er to the Nationals where she can pit her skills against Olympic squad members.