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Example: Active Marina Workshops


 Event  Description
Own Boat Tuition Workshop(s) 

1 hr - 2 hr training workshop on the berth holders own boat for them and their family / crew.


These workshops could focus on just one of the topics below or, at the time of booking, berth holders could select from a menu of choices: 

  • Berthing and boat handling tips and techniques (Most popular).
  • Boat handling skills, including those tricky close quarters manoeuvres.
  • Picking up a mooring.
  • Man Overboard.
  • Anchoring.
  • Sail and boat trim.
Ladies Day 

A half day / 3 hr workshop (available am and pm) that aims to increase ladies skills and confidence in boat handing, manoeuvring and berthing techniques away from their husbands and partners.


It is also an ideal opportunity to socialise with other lady boaters and often includes a lunch for all women participating. 


A Cruise with other berth holders to a local destination / marina with a navigational challenge. Followed by a meal in the Yacht Club or restaurant with a reserved overnight berth at the Marina.


For a day cruise (e.g. Dry Stack) this would most likely not include the overnight stop and evening meal.


Marina team involvement could include any or all of the following:

  • Support berth bookings or restaurant bookings if required.
  • Host the introduction reception for berth holders
  • Meet & greet on arrival in an overnight marina.

RTC involvement could include any or all of the following:

  • Passage and pilotage planning evening, prior to the cruise, offering advice to those that want it.
  • Provision of a support boat to help those less confident through the navigational challenge, for example the entrance to the harbour.
  • Provision of a lead boat for a fully led cruise.
Winter Workshop(s)

These short workshops / tasters / refreshers   could include:

  • Basic diesel engine checks.
  • How to better understand your radar.
  • Weather forecasting.
  • VHF / DSC refresher.
  • Basic boat electrics.
  • Local navigation and pilotage.
  • Basic rig checks. 


You can view an example of an  RYA Active Marina programme of events here.

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