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British Keelboat Academy 2019 Squad

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Ella Anderson

Freya Anderson

Harriet Askew

Emily Au

Harry Barker

Alaric Bates

Philippa Benson

Courtney Bilbrough

Alistair Bolton

Georgia Booth

Ella Boxall

Robby Boyd

Thomas Broatch

Katie Burridge

Tom Callan

Kellie Carmichael

Kitty Clarkson

Rebecca Coles

George Coles

Isobel Cooper

Vicky Cowan

Harry Cowell

Emma Crane

Ellie Cumpsty

William Davies

Ancel Davison

Ewan Finlay

Alistair Goodwin

Ewan Gribbin

Max-Christian Habeck

James Harayda

Jake Hardman

Fiona Harrington

Emma Hattersley

David Haw

Hebe Hemming

Rosie Hill

Oliver Hill

Verity Hopkins

James Humphrey

Ellie Hutchings

Patrick Hutchings

Jaimie Jobson

Alida Lewis

Henry Marshall

William Massey

Edward Myers

Edward Norbury

Harry Owens

Liam Pardy

Alice Powell

Aylwin Racher

Patrick Rigby

Isabelle Savage

Chloe Slater

Charlotte Small

Alex Smerdon

Molly Speirs

Michael Starkie

Ben Webb

Abby West

Adele Young

To apply for next year's squad see our How To Apply page.

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