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Broader Learning

The RYA OnBoard programme is carefully designed to further develop life skills and has learning at its core.

For many years now we have known that sport and physical activity can have a beneficial effect on our health and mental well being. Recent major studies have shown an ever increasing amount of additional benefits in social and personal development. These positive effects are amplified in challenging sports such as sailing and windsurfing. RYA OnBoard have been working with Professor Bill Lucas from the Real World Learning Centre to explore and identify the broader learning benefits that getting out on the water can bring.

For some more background on our work with Bill Lucas see our interview with him - Why sailing builds character.

Being on the water creates multiple situations where young people are challenged and tested as they learn a new sport or activity. The OnBoard programme provides a safe and proven structure for this to happen and a great environment to help young sailors to develop the character attributes and capabilities that are so important for success in later life.

Here are the six character attributes that sailing and windsurfing can help develop...

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    • The ability to have a good idea when needed
    • Can see how different experiences can be connected
    • Can communicate well with others
    • Capacity to see the world from someone else's perspective
    • Sticks with difficulty
    • Bounces back after set-backs
    • Able to listen carefully and offer an opinion
    • Can match language to audience
    • Can make a decision
    • Happy to ask for help or advice as required
    • Self belief
    • Happy to learn from mistakes


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