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Case Studies

Schools, pupils and youth clubs across the country have benefited from taking part in sailing with the OnBoard programme. Here are few examples of how they got involved and the difference that OnBoard has made:

Johanna Goode, Head, Grasmere Primary School, sail at Windermere Outdoor Adventure Centre
“Sailing changes so fast, the skill is keeping the boat upright in different conditions. This teaches pupils how to read situations and solve problems from an early age through adventure. We see these skills of practical application translate into academic learning, from grasping subjects like physics, maths and geography, whilst also remaining relevant in later life. The natural surroundings inspire creative young minds to better understand and appreciate their environment too.” 
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Jill Magee, Leicestershire & Rutland Youth Sailing Association - instructor of David*, Age 17 
“David was born with 50% sight; he was shy with little self-esteem. When he joined LRYSA’s school group, he had to be taken around the lake and shown the course. But he sailed the full course every week and his confidence grew. As his skills developed he started racing a double-hander and is now training as a Dinghy Instructor. The difference in him is enormous as is the impact on his schoolwork and social life.”
Michelle Robinson, Head, Willow Farm Primary, sail at Notts County SC
"Trying a new skill none of the children had done before means they all start at the same level. We've seen children who are quiet in a classroom situation absolutely excel when they've gone on the water, and conversely children you presume will be confident needing a bit more support and learning different things about themselves. Pupils develop resilience and other character traits they bring back to the classroom too."

* not real name

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