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Immersion Test & Microdive

Any competitor participating in RYA /UIM events in powerboat in classes that use a restraint system has to have successfully completed the annual immersion training course. This course will provide invaluable training and a simulation experience of being in an overturned boat and help the competitors to prepare think about what action they need to take in the event of their boat being capsized and how to extract themselves.

Each training session takes around forty-five seconds and all competitors are required to perform the procedure three times. Each procedure will have variable requirements which will be fully explained to you prior to your practical training.

All competitors will be trained on open circuit breathing apparatus prior to Immersion Training. This will consist of approximately 45min + Microdive Basic Diver Course or existing recognised diving qualifications such as a current PADI certification with proof provided will be accepted as suitable substitute.

Once an initial qualification such as Microdive or PADI has been obtained, competitors either have to provide evidence that they have dived within the last 12 months following their previous Immersion training or undergo a Microdive refresher course in order to participate in Immersion Training.

Competitors should complete their immersion training with all of the clothing & equipment that they required to wear during any official on-water activity. Competitors do not have to wear this equipment for their Microdive course or refresher.

All training procedures should be closely supervised by supporting personnel with suitable experience or qualifications.

If you are racing in a Super Licence class, you will require a copy of the UIM Immersion Test Certificate, which will be issued by the RYA Powerboat Racing Department.

You can obtain the Immersion test and Microdive from the following centers:-

Osprey Rescue

Andark Diving

It is the sole responsibility of the Immersion training provider to provide suitable experienced or qualified personnel to conduct Immersion Training as well as provide and maintain all of the suitable equipment required for carrying out the training. Please see the Immersion Training Provider & Immersion Test Provider guidelines.

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