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Circuit Classes


This division is limited to simple monohulls powered by standard stock 70hp or 90hp outboard engines.

Speed:65+ MPH
Engine HP: 70HP/90HP
Engine HP: 850CC

These are single hulled boats similar in design to ski boat. The driver sits down to race in it

Hugely entertaining and fun to watch, this form of senior monohull racing is very popular with both young and old always produces some close competitive racing.


P750 - This is a dual-discipline class whereby these funky, inflatable, affordable boats can run on Circuit waters or Offshore coastal sites.

The engine capacity is 551cc to 750cc (Yamaha and Tohatsu 40 hp). Boat length is: 3.9M minimum, width 1.7M minimum, weight 75 kgs minimum.

P750 is a high adrenalin, high action sport with explosive wave-jumping and tight competitive surf racing in a tunnel hulled inflatable boat. The crew consists of a driver steering the boat and a co-driver who uses their weight to stablilise the craft and obtain maximum speed.


Hydroplanes have twin hulls for the front part of the craft extending no more than 60% along the hull which then narrows to a single hull at the stern. The driver either sits, kneels or lies down to race it.

Speed: 80-100+MPH
Engine CC: 125-850CC

The prefix 'O' denotes an open class. This means there are very few restrictions regarding hull design, engine tuning and type of fuel used.

The UK British National Championship consists of many different forms of hydroplanes that all race together.

With speeds in excess of 100 mph in some hydro classes, they really are truly awesome to watch and equally as awesome to drive - this form of powerboating is for those looking for a real extreme thrill!

Typical Hydroplane Classes racing the UK : O125, O250 & O350


These are twin-hulled boats.  The driver sits restrained inside a safety cell to race.  Some boats have an enclosed cab-over style cockpit.

Speed: F4
Engine HP: 60HP
Engine CC: 850CC

The class has been running across the world the last 4 years and competitions are held at National, European and World level.

F4 Powerboat Racing uses a tunnel hull catamaran design of a smaller size to the F2 Powerboat but is capable of both high speeds and exceptional manoeuvrability. Due to their specially designed hulls, F4 boats are able to turn almost instantaneously making racing extremely exhilarating.

Using factory ‘standard’ engines where modifications are forbidden, the F4 Class keeps running costs to a minimum and produces close, competitive racing.


Speed: 120+ MPH

Engine HP 200HP

Engine CC 2000CC

F2 Powerboat Racing uses a tunnel hull catamaran design that is capable of both high speeds and exceptional manoeuvrability. Due to their specially designed hulls, F2 boats are able to turn almost instantaneously incurring more G forces than any other racing machine on the planet. With an extremely high power to
weight ratio the acceleration of the F2 hull is truly phenomenal with acceleration measuring 0-60 mph is less than 5 seconds. The F2 Class is the pinnacle of circuit racing in the UK.

This class is going through a period of transition from the Mercury SST120 to the ‘green’ Mercury Optimax engine. The SST120 engine is no longer manufactured but used models may still be purchased and raced under F2 Class rules.

Mercury OptiMax 200XS SST - The new race model features a Gen 2 – 2.5 L OptiMax powerhead which combines components from the Mercury Racing OptiMax 2.5XS outboard and the current Mercury Racing engineered OptiMax 175 Pro XS outboard. This expert amalgamation of engines produces a machine that is capable of straight line speeds of over 126 mph! The 200XS engine is a relatively new engine in the F2 class and its status as an environmentally friendly engine ensures a sustainable & long-term economical solution for many years to come.

SST-120 Mercury V6 Powerhead - Super Stock 120 cubic-inch ~ 1998 cc two-stroke powerhead with 3 twin choke carburettor. Runs with unleaded 98 octane commercial fuel, capable of reaching 210 HP at the top speed of 120 mph when driven in a straight line. The SST-120 powerhead is equipped with a direct water-cooling system that uses water collected by the gearbox.


With costs very low this class is a great entry level for youngesters to get started in Powerboat Racing for ages 9 to 15 years.

Engine HP: 15HP
Engine CC: 350cc

The season runs from the beginning of April to the end of October and a season can be completed on as little as £1000.

These small monohulls provide some great action, with the average racing speed of 40mph they are fast and competitive and provides an excellent opportunity for all of those who compete to learn the skills of racing and sportsmanship prior to progressing to the more senior classes.

Using factory 'standard engines where modifications are forbidden, the GT15 class produce close, exciting and competitive racing, which keeps running costs to a minimum.


The GT30 class began in Scandinavia in 2005 and was adopted by the UK in 2005 as the entry level Circuit Monohull class for drivers ages 14 and upwards with no upper age limit.

Engine HP: 30HP
Engine CC: 450-500cc

Since the inception in the UK, the class keeps going from strength to strength producing some of the sports most exhilarating and close racing. These small monohulls provide some great action, both fast and competitive, with an average racing speed of in excess of 55mph.

Using factory 'standard' engines where modification are forbidden, the GT30 class produces close, exciting and competitive racing, which keeps running costs to a minimum.

All racing is carefully supervised by trained RYA powerboat racing personnel and licences are issued only after a satisfactory standard has been reached.

For details on how to start racing please either contact the RYA on of our Circuit Racing Clubs

For further information on National Rules and regulations please refer to RYA Circuit Rulebook PB2

For further information on International Rules and regulations please refer to the UIM Circuit Rulebook 


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