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Congratulations! If you want to learn how to start Powerboat Racing, you have found the right place for information. The RYA has a number of Powerboat Race Training Centres around the UK that Cover Circuit, Offshore & Jetski Racing.

We have provided some information for you to read through on what will happen on your journey to applying for a racing licence and some brief information what you should expect form your training and how you should prepare yourself before you attend.

Powerboat Racing is a fun, sociable and competitive community that will welcome you, your friends and family and help you on your way to getting started.

Powerboat Race Training Process

1) You must contact your nearest recognised Powerboat Racing Training Centre to book an appropriate course.


2) The Powerboat Race Training Centre will send the following documents to the you :

• Confirmation of Booking Form

• Pre-Training Assessment Test Paper

• Training Day Information Document

• Student copy of training Syllabus


3) If applicable, immersion tests and Microdive courses must be completed before any practical elements of the training course are carried out. The Training centres will advise if this is required.


4) You must study the relevant rule book and submit your pre-training assessment theory paper to the recognized Powerboat Race Training Centre at least 7 days before your course is due to begin.


5) The Instructor will mark the pre-assessment theory paper and note areas that may need extra attention during the training course.


6) You must participate and pass the theory and practical elements of the race training course to the satisfaction of the instructor including the written Theory Test.


7) Instructors must complete the record card and return it to the RYA Powerboat Racing Department and retain details of training records completed for each student.


8) The Powerboat Racing department will acknowledge receipt of the record card and send a licence application form to you.


9) You may then apply for a Basic Powerboat Racing Licence for the class that you have been endorsed for and continue to upgrade your licence as per the relevant procedure detailed in the rules.


10) Refresher training courses will be tailored to meet the individual applicant’s abilities and past experience. The content will vary and the instructor will assess & advise the content of the refresher course in accordance with the current rule requirements. The Theory test must be incorporated as a minimum. Knowledge of the current rules and their application is paramount as well as matters of safety, equipment, and boat handling ability.


11) Training is valid for a period of 2 years and you must apply for a licence and participate in racing during this time.


You will learn a great deal during the training which will be the best start to a safe and enjoyable future racing career. There is a lot of information to take in, but you will have fun learning.....!

If you have any concerns or do not understand something, don't be shy! speak with your instructor who will assist you or explain (they were trainee's once as well).

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