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Evaluation Tool

SAILACTIVITY - Digital Evaluation Tool

We want to introduce as many disabled people to sailing as possible and help them build a lifetime habit of activity around boating.

Sailactivity is an online evaluation platform that will evidence how boating activities are reducing inactivity for disabled people and impacting on people's social connections, the skills they learn and their well-being.

The evaluation consists of an online platform that sailors and Sailability organisations can use directly, and some paper forms that can then be photographed and uploaded onto the online platform.

The evidence generated will help promote what can be achieved through boating and will help improve and sustain the Sailability programme. Sailors who take part, as well as helping strengthen what we all do, will be able to track their own activity and experiences while sailing.

Who can be involved
On launch around 20 Sailability organisations will be involved, and they will be engaging sailors and volunteers in the new platform.

How it all works?
There are two ways to engage - digitally, or with paper forms

* Digital - sailors, volunteers, carers etc. register on the system, track their activity, and provide feedback by completing online forms

* Paper - alternatively sailors, volunteers, carers etc. can fill out forms the RYA provides, hand them in to their local Sailability organisation who take a photo of the form and upload it to the system - that's all you have to do.

If you are already part of the Sailability programme and are interested in using the tool, please email

We have worked with Together Creative to develop the platform and they are providing technical support and continued development.

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