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Sailability and Powerability Logbook and Syllabus Scheme


The RYA Sailability & Powerability scheme helps you master the skills and confidence needed for a lifetime on the water.

What is it?
This scheme can be used sailing a dinghy, a keelboat, or driving a powerboat.  There is a logbook available for each participant which is separated into Sailing and for the first time, and Powerboating.  The syllabus outlines a series of tasks to become skilled at different levels from trying sailing, mastering the basics to making your own decisions, developing self-reliance and solving problems yourself on the water. 

Who is it for?
Anyone going afloat who wants to track their progress, develop their skills and celebrate their achievements.  You can join at any level. It dovetails into the internationally recognised RYA Training schemes for sailing and powerboating; the syllabus does not replace these schemes, instead it’s a stepping stone that complements and increases accessibility.

How to order
Sailors and centres can order a printed logbook FOC* (+p&p) directly from the RYA Orders line 023 80604132 or 

Fully accessible copies of the Syllabus & Logbook are available in two formats:

Alternative digital pdf versions are also available - please contact the Sailability office to obtain the most suitable version for your needs. 

Achievement certificates can only be issued by appropriate Sailability Accredited sites:

  • Sail – any Sailability accredited group
  • Power – any Sailability accredited group that is also an RYA recognised training centre for Power

Sailability sites can order logbooks and certificates using the product item codes below from the RYA Orders line 023 80604132 or 

RYA Sailability and Powerability Syllabus and Logbook Scheme products

SAP - Syllabus and Logbook (per book).
SAPW - Worksheets - contact Sailability Team for a copy
SAPS1 - Sailing Certificate 1 – Entry / Bronze / Silver (pad of 10).
SAPS2 - Sailing Certificate 2 – Gold / Platinum Racing / Platinum Skills (pad of 10).
SAPP - Powerability Certificate – Bronze / Silver / Gold (pad of 10).
SAPSC - Special Commendation (single).

*Sport England funding enables these products to be free of charge, please note all orders are subject to postage & packing cost @ £4.95 per 30 kilos.

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