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Legal Structure

The legal form that a Sailability group chooses to take needs to be clear and there are advantages and disadvantages with each type of legal form. Careful consideration should be given as to which legal form is most beneficial to your club in its development and growth.

The legal form of your club essentially determines how your club is viewed in the eyes of the law and what the club’s legal obligations are to its members and to third parties.

We are able to offer RYA Affiliated Clubs information about which types of legal forms are available to clubs and what each of those structures entails, along with information about liability insurance, model constitutions, funding streams, tax relief schemes and much more.

Charitable Status
Many Sailability groups are registered as charities so that they benefit from tax relief on their charitable activities. Further information about charitable status, and its pros and cons, can also be sought through the RYA Affiliate Login.


Value Added Tax
VAT also needs careful consideration and information concerning value added tax can be obtained by contacting Customs & Excise on its web site or your Local VAT office. There’s also some useful links with this area of the RYA Affiliate Login.

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