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Hansa 2.3 Wide Seat

access 2.3 wide

Steve Sawford Marine Ltd

Good boat for two children or and adult and child irrespective of ability or disability. Safe and easy for building confidence towards single hand sailing. Features include a hammock seat, joystick steering, fully reef-able mainsail, high boom for head safety, weighted removable keel, very stable, no hiking out needed, virtually uncapsizable and easily manoeuvred.

Additional Information:

Not possible to fit servo-assisted electrics to this model
Optional Launch Trolley
Optional Hard Seat (but reduces boat to single seater)
Optional keep-up boat cover and sail socks
Length 2.3m, beam 1.25m, draft 0.75m. Sail 3.8 sq m
Price: See boat prices on
Availability: Standard Product
Type: commercial
Address: Lime Grove
1 Main Street
NN14 1LA
Tel: 01536 330477
Mobile: 07855 972268

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