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Hansa Liberty

Access Liberty BoatSteve Sawford Marine Ltd

This model is a totally accessible single seat performace dinghy which can be sailed by people of all abilities. The single cockpit and special hard seat gives excellent support and the 75kg keel makes the boat virtually uncapsizable. The high wide decks and twin rudders keep the boat on course and dry at all angles of heel. The simplicity of the controls leaves the sailor to concentrate on enjoyiing the sailing and racing. Used with electronic controls to the tiller, mainsail and jib it provides, to people with very little mobility, performance sailing that is safe, easy, accessible and above all liberating.

Additional Information:

Optional servo-assist electronic to steering, mainsheet and jib
Optional ventilator box (must be fitted during manufacture)
Optional Launch Trolley
Optional keel up boat cover and sail socks
Optional lifter for raising the keel
Length 3.6m, Beam 1.35m, Draft 1.0m, Total Sail area 7.35 sqm

Price: See boat prices on
Availability: Standard Product
Type: commercial
Address: Lime Grove
1 Main Street
NN14 1LA
Tel: 01536 330477
Mobile: 07855 972268

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