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Devon Lugger

Devon Lugger BoatHonnor Marine Ltd.

The Lugger is a trailer sailer, easy to launch and sail - solo or fully crewed. The loose-footed sails and sliding gunter rig are easy to handle with no boom to look out for! It is a dayboat which converts with sprayhood and boat tent into a cruiser. It is also a rowing boat or with the recommended 4 to 6 hp outboard, a manoeuvreable run-about. There is generous locker space on board. The rudder kicks up safely in shallows and the brass stemband and wooden keel insert means that you can run onto beaches safely. Length: 5.72 m. Weight: 340 kg. Sail Area: 12.26 sq. m. Carrying Capacity: up to 7 people.

Additional Information:

Original Devon Lugger £9,579.17 plus VAT. Easy Launch Lugger Trailer £1060. Original Devon Scaffie £6.662.50 Easy Launch Scaffie Trailer £723.34 Original Devon Dabber £7.912.50 Easy Launch Dabber Trailer £919.15 Original Devon Longboat £10.625.00 Braked Longboat Trailer £1.700.00 Original Devon Coaster £13.291.67 Braked Coaster Trailer £1.700.00 Original Devon Gig £15.829.00 Braked Gig Trailer £2.450.00

From £9579.17 plus VAT at 20%


Marine House,
Miall Street,
OL11 1HY
01706 715 986
 01706 342 576

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