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Drascombe Lugger

Drascombe Lugger BoatChurchouse Boats Ltd

Churchouse Boats make the Drascombe range of open sailing day boats from the 4.72m Dabber to the 7.62 m Gig. The Drascombe Lugger is probably the best known of the range. It is 5.72 m. long x 1.9 m. beam. The hull shape generates exceptional hull form stability making it a safe, stable platform. Its loose footed gunter yawl rig is easy to manage and aviods the dangers of a boom. It will carry six adults and is very happy under oar or motor. The Drascombe Longboat is very similar but is 6.63 m. long x 2.0 m. beam. With its larger cockpit and ability to carry 9 adjults, it is often the preferred choice for those offering a sailing experience to people with physical disabilities. The cockpit is large enough to accommodate a helmsman in a wheelchair. We also build the Dascombe Gig. At 7.62 m. x 2.13m. beam, it has an enormous cockpit that will take a crew of 12 and provide safe but exciting sailing.

Additional Information:

All Drascombes except the Dabber meet RCD Category C, for coastal waters. The lifting keel & removable kick-up rudder allow them to be sailed easily from a beach. The new generation trailers also make launch & recovery a simple matter. There is also a very strong & active owners association. All the boats have many specification options and can have features added to enhance their suitability for Sailability use. There are many good reasons why Drascombes to the standard specifications are extremely suitable for use by people with disabilities. Even so, in building several boats for this specialist use we have assembled a schedule of possible modifications to either enhance the accessibility and to increase the enjoyment of sailing for people with disabilities. The boats have simple rigs and with our swinging cradle trailer, they can be trailed, rigged,launched, sailed and recovered by one person.

Lugger from £11,400 plus VAT
Availability:  Custom built to order


Churchouse Boats Ltd
Apsley Sawmill
Andover Road
RG28 7SD
01256 896292
 Fax: 01256 896292

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