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International 2.4

International 2.4 m Boat The 2.4 metre class is a boat designed to the Metre Rule that was devised in 1906 and is still in use to day. The rule is a formula into which parameters of the design are inserted and for these boats the resulting maths produces the figure 2.4. For other classes the result is 6, 8, 10 or 12 metres, the later being the famous Americas Cup Boats. The rule favours boats of classic lines with long overhangs and a graceful sheer. The boats also have a high ballast ratio which together with the slim hull form gives an easily driven hull. There are several designs of 2.4 metre, including the Stradavarius, Sodegren and Norlin, the most popular being the Norlin MKIII. The average dimensions of these boats are:-

Length: 4.1 metres.
Beam: 0.8 metres.
Draft: 1 metre.
Sail Area: 7 sq. metres.
Hull Weight: 65 Kgs.
Ballast: 200 Kgs.

They are easily launched by trolley or crane and offer both safe cruising or exhilerating close racing. The design means that physical strength and agility are not needed and this makes the boat ideal for all ages and size of helm. In the past the 2.4 metre has been perceived to be a disabled persons boat but this is far from true. Both Internationally and Nationally the majority of helms are able bodied. However the lack of agility required to handle one of these boats does make them ideal for those seeking a boat that they can sail without making creaking joints and aching backs worse.

Additional Information:

The 2.4M was the Paralympic Single Person boat for the Beijing Games. Boats for sale are shown on the website below.




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