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Pioner Multi

Pioner Boats UKPioner Multi Boat with bow door lowered

With its unique bow door and large, flat, deep-sided self-draining cockpit, the 5.05m triple-keeled Pioner Multi is the perfect solution for the physically impaired. Boarding the craft could not be simpler as with the bow door lowered it doubles up as a ramp and, at 74cm wide, is large enough for wheelchair access. With a draft of less than 30cm, it is also possible to use the Pioner Multi as a 'landing craft' direct on the shore without the need for a pontoon or slipway. Manufactured from exceptionally tough polyethylene, the boat offers not only tremendous durability & longevity; it also requires very little maintenance therefore helping to reduce ongoing costs. For maximum safety & reassurance, the boat is inherently buoyant and will remain afloat even when flooded. Used extensively by many Rescue Organisations due to its stability, load carrying capability; shallow draft; and toughness, the Pioner Multi is Det Norske Veritas and CE approved, together with MCA coding if required.

Additional Information:

Available with numerous optional accessories, we also offer a 'custom' fit-out service e.g. bespoke articulated steering console & throttle/gearshift modifications; seating variations; safety rails & tie down kits etc to help ensure the completed craft satisfies its operational role 100%.

Quotations on request
Availability: Standard Product available in red; orange; yellow; green; marble white or dark grey


Caley Marina,
Canal Road,
01463 236 539
01462 238 323
Boat Sales Department

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