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Access C-Crane Hoist

Man getting hoist into boat Steve Sawford Marine Ltd

This hoist is supplied with each Access pontoon and can be purchased separately for use from existing jetties or pontoons. The harness wraps around the sailor whilst sitting. The hoist is operated with a winding handle and transfers the sailor with ease and dignity. The hoist slots into a pre-prepared fitting and can be lifted out for storage.

Additional Information:

NOTE: If not working from an Access pontoon the fitting into which the hoist fits must be tested by an approved engineer before use. Optional deck fittings can be purchased; these vary in price according to their complexity. Dimensions: 1.8m above floor level, fixed reach 1.1m, lift range 2m (extended by using a longer rope and fall-arrester), safe working load tested to 129kg. Harness tested to 120kg. Hoist weighs 22kg.

Availability: Standard product
Address Lime Grove
1 Main Street
NN14 1LA
Tel: 01536 330477
Mobile: 07855 972268
Contact: Steve Sawford

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